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A message from James Caviel

I am delighted to tell you Kim, Dawn and I have joined Hoyl Independent Advisers Limited and will be trading as Hoyl Capital Wealth.


My message, hopefully, is one of reassurance, it’s business, as usual, to confirm in terms of the status quo:

I am still your Independent Financial Adviser, as I have been for nearly 30 years in some instances.

My two administrators, that you have all got to know well over the last few years, are still with me, Kim Brewer (spotted blouse) and Dawn Doyle (flowery blouse).


Our office telephone numbers are unchanged and so is our address. Hoyl are a large organisation and although their HQ is in Cromer, you will still deal with us on a day-to-day basis in Chelmsford.

Our adviser charges will remain identical and no new charges will be levied as a result of the acquisition.

The investment providers tax wrappers, together with how the funds are allocated, will all remain totally unchanged (until such time best advice dictates a change).


You will still receive an annual or half-yearly review meeting, with the information supplied in an identical format. With me present when social distancing rules change of course.


Your personal financial data is stored in the exact same location and subject to the exact same data protection and security scrutiny as before; Hoyl use the same back-office system as us and are subject to the same Data Protection laws. Your information will never be sold for marketing purposes.

In short nothing, from your perspective, is changing at all, in fact, we have endeavoured to ensure the transition from Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd to Hoyl Capital Wealth is as smooth as possible.


As you can imagine, social distancing and working from home aren’t an ideal backdrop for keeping everyone updated with the benefits of these changes. However, I can tell you Hoyl Independent Advisers have worked hard to build their reputation as a firm providing the very best bespoke financial advice – and have made the FT Adviser Top 100 Financial Advisers list for the last 2 years running.


Like us, they are extremely proud of the close relationships they forge with their clients, having helped them invest over £500 million, they have an identical ethos on client care, transparency and accountability.


Kim, Dawn and I will continue to look after day-to-day admin, with support from Hoyl’s Head Office in Cromer, Norfolk, and so we look forward to speaking with you soon.



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James A Caviel Dip PFS

Independent Financial Adviser

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