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Savings & Investments

Helping keep your investments on track

Once your money’s been invested, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our annual review service. 

As we’ve explained, choosing the right funds and checking how they’re performing is critical to future growth, but so is making sure your investment remains in line with your risk profile. If a fund changes manager, or there are fundamental changes to the fund’s aims, this can also change how the fund will be invested in future. 

Without regular reviews you could later find the overall risk profile of your investment has changed, and that too much, or too little risk is now being taken with your money.


We work with a market leading firm, who provide a risk based, financial planning system for advice firms, combining intuitive technology with trusted independent asset risk models. They review the markets every 3 months, assessing how each fund has changed and the impact of any changes. They’ll then adjust the asset allocation of their models to make sure they continue to match their identified risk profiles. 

If the asset allocation changes, the investment experts at our selected fund managers then adjust their own portfolios accordingly. 

Like a lighthouse, we can help you navigate a sea of investment options, and then keep watch to make sure your plan(s) continue to meet your needs and remain the most suitable for you. 


We’ll also rebalance your investments every year, which may involve selling some of your holding in some funds to buy more in others, until your holdings again match the original asset allocation we recommended

Finally, we’ll also consider other issues, such as tax reliefs, which, if unused, could be lost forever.

There is a fee for our ongoing service, but we’ll discuss this and agree any fees with you, including which level of service is best suited to your future needs, before we undertake any work on your behalf, so you have complete control over whether our review service is right for you. 

To arrange a free initial consultation meeting 
Simply call us on 01263 510782 or email us at if you’d like to know more, or to arrange a convenient time for an initial consultation meeting with an adviser. 

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