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Hoyl Model Portfolios - making investing easier!

With over 7,000 investment funds in the UK alone, we know choosing which to invest in, and continually checking how they’re performing can be confusing and time consuming. Making sure you make the right decisions needs a high degree of expertise, and a tried-and-tested system which narrows down your choice of funds.

The saying “smooth seas don’t make good sailors” is also true when it comes to investing, so as you’d expect, our Investment Committee have many years of combined experience in spotting market trends and investment opportunities.

Below is a recent example of how we look to spread the risk taken with money invested for a client, by investing in a range of different locations and assets. This particular client had an agreed risk profile of 5 (Low Medium Risk) on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very low and 10 being very high. 

Our Model Portfolios are based on our ethos of selecting quality funds and fund managers which align to your investment risk profile. Your Suitability Report will also include a breakdown of the funds your money will be invested in within each different asset class, should you proceed, and the exact percentage in each fund. 

Each Model Portfolio can be provided at a very competitive overall cost, while maintaining the ability to provide consistent overall returns due to the nature and diversification of the underlying investments held within it.

Why we’ve developed Model Portfolios

We’ll always provide you with Key Investor Information Documents for each fund. These contain more information on the fund provider, fund manager, the assets in which the fund invests and it’s aims.

Our Investment Committee meet regularly to review the performance of each of our Model Portfolios, and ‘fine tune’ them as and when needed 

They’re in regular contact with Fund Managers, which helps make sure they have a real understanding of how each fund is performing, and any issues which may affect performance.  

Any recommendations we make will be subject to fees, which we’ll agree with you before we undertake any work and make our recommendations to you. 

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