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Customer Support Team

If you’re thinking of calling Hoyl, then I, or one of my team, look forward to speaking to you and we’ll always be happy to help. 

How we can help you 
Hoyl’s grown as clients recommend us to their friends and family, and so has our team. We also buy certain assets of some financial advice firms who enter Liquidation or Administration and cease trading, so as you can imagine, we receive calls for lots of different reasons.

We can answer most questions straight away, but sometimes we may need to speak to a lender or plan provider. When this happens, we’ll always keep you updated, and tell you when we’ll speak to you next. 

If you’re an existing client 
Firstly, thank-you for asking us to help with your financial needs. You’ll already know that customer service is our absolute priority, and we’ll be pleased to help you in any way possible. 

If we’ve been recommended to you We pride ourselves in offering our clients the very best, bespoke, independent financial advice and look forward to welcoming you to Hoyl Independent Advisers. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation and are delighted to be recognised by FTAdviser as one of the Top 100 Financial Advisers here in the UK for the last 4 years running.

We’ll be pleased to arrange a convenient time for an Adviser to call and speak to you. We may also ask for a few details of your current situation, and need, so our adviser can fully prepare and know how best they can help when you speak.

If you have a letter about your personal data 
We’ll be pleased to help explain the link between us and your previous firm of advisers. If our letter mentions a plan you hold, we can tell you more about it, including any letters we’ve had from the provider, so you can be absolutely sure we’re who we say we are. 

We follow strict Financial Conduct Authority rules on the transfer of client records and personal data, and take the security of your personal information very seriously. 

While not responsible for advice you received previously, we can make sure you still benefit from independent financial advice without any disruption. Still, we know getting a letter or call from a firm you don’t know, or haven’t dealt with before, can be concerning. We’re all cautious about who may hold our personal information these days, with good reason. 

Once we’ve put your mind at rest, we’ll be pleased to discuss how we can help you and answer any questions you might have. We can also arrange a convenient time for an adviser to call, or meet with you, to tell you more. 

If you already have an adviser, or feel our services aren’t right for you, you can always choose to receive no further contact from us, by calling, writing or emailing 
Please make sure if you do opt-out, you make your current adviser aware of all your plans, so they can include these in any future review. 

If you don’t have an adviser, you’ll need to contact your plan provider and ask them to update their records, by removing us as the servicing advisers.

How we can help you  
Any initial discovery meeting with an adviser is completely free and you’ll be under no obligation to proceed. This simply allows our adviser to understand more about your current situation, including your needs and aims, and discuss how they’re able to help you. 
So, please do call us on 01263 510782, my team and I look forward to speaking to you and finding out more about how we can help.

Jayson Hill

Client Liaison Manager

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