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Savings & Investments

Helping you to meet your aims and ambitions

As Independent Financial Advisers, we can help you choose the right investments to meet your aims and ambitions. We have access to the whole of the market, so can recommend the investment(s) which are best suited to your own individual needs, rather than being restricted to a small number of providers. 
We’ll always start by discussing your needs in an initial consultation meeting, at our expense, to get an understanding of your current financial situation, your investment goals and your attitude to risk. 

Perhaps you have a lump sum to invest, from an inheritance or the sale of a property or business, or you’re looking to make your existing investments or pensions work better for you? You could want to start saving for your children’s university fees, save for a deposit to put on a house, or top-up the income you’re already receiving from your pension?

When it comes to investing everyone is looking for investments which are safe, offer high returns and which will never fall in value. Unfortunately this ideal combination doesn’t exist – so please beware of anyone who tells you otherwise!

Although none of us would like to lose money, you should be aware that all investments, including any we recommend, carry a certain level of risk to the money you invest. However, any recommendation we make will seek to minimise these risks in line with your agreed attitude to investment risk.


Understanding how you feel about risk is an important part of making sure we recommend the right investments for you. Any investment means balancing how much you’re prepared to lose with how much you hope to earn, which can be affected by many different factors, including your personal situation, your age, your goals, your individual timeframe and the current economic climate.

We’ll make sure you fully understand both the risks and benefits of any investment we recommend, and are comfortable that neither too much, or too little risk is taken with the money you’re looking to invest. 

Not only can we help you optimise the returns available from your savings and investments, but we’ll also make sure they’re tax efficient, by using products like Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). For those looking to invest larger sums, we can consider Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICS), Investment Bonds and Pensions, amongst others, as options.

Please do read more on how we’ve made investing easier for our clients by developing a range of Model Portfolios. These cover a wide range of risk profiles, from very low through to highest risk, and we can offer investors ethical and socially responsible investment options too.  

Whatever your goals, we’ll aim to help you achieve them by making investing easy and straightforward, discussing your choices with you in clear, plain terms, with none of the usual industry related jargon. 

We’ll help you make an informed decision, which puts you on a path to achieve your future goals, but only once we’ve given you a clear understanding of all the choices available to you

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