Coronavirus And Your Cover

If you already have cover in place

We know many of you are experiencing financial hardship at this difficult time, maybe you’ve been furloughed, a term unheard of only a few months ago, or your income’s been greatly reduced, or even disappeared altogether.

When this happens, you’ll understandably be looking to reduce your current costs and outgoings, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking your life cover, or critical illness cover, is a luxury you can do without.

It may help to know that most companies don’t stop providing cover until 2 monthly payments have been missed. Hopefully, this’ll give you some peace of mind, to know you’re still covered while you take more time to review your financial situation, and hopefully for this to improve.

If you call your provider to cancel your cover, please be aware this will, in most cases, happen straight away, leaving you and your loved ones without any cover in place.

If you're now applying for cover

While we’re always pleased to check for you, many providers are taking a similar view with any current applications, which is:

These will follow their usual process, except anybody who’s been to an affected country must have been symptom free for at least a month.

While most providers don’t consider Coronavirus a critical illness, they will pay a claim if the virus leads to complications which cause death, or a critical illness which is covered under the terms and conditions of their policy.

Most providers will postpone any terms offered if one or both applicants has had the virus within a stated length of time, possibly 1 to 3 months, followed by a full recovery. Some may ask for a test to be taken.

Cover is still available to anyone who could be likely to contract the virus, such as our brave and wonderful healthcare workers.

Please be aware that if a General Practitioner’s Report is needed, this could now take much longer than normal to be completed, with GP’s likely to be drafted into the front line.

Finally, any new application for cover may now take much longer to deal with, as most provider’s have now closed their offices as they act to protect their staff, with many now working from home, if at all possible, but this is clearly affecting their normal service levels.

You're always welcome to contact your Adviser if you’d like to discuss anything mentioned above, or please do call us on

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Please do stay safe and well.

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