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Coronavirus And Your Cover

If you already have cover in place

Covid-19 has led to significant changes in many peoples financial situation, meaning they’ve had to review their monthly outgoings to see where they can save money, both in the short and longer term.


It’s important you always get in touch with your adviser and discuss any changes in your personal and financial circumstances. They’ll be pleased to help you however possible, and these changes may of course also affect the advice they provide in the future.  


If reviewing your own monthly costs, please don’t think of your life cover or critical illness cover as a ‘luxury’ you can do without. If you call your provider to cancel your cover they’ll usually do this straight away, leaving you and your loved ones with no cover in place if anything happens.


​However, many companies don’t stop cover until 2 monthly payments have been missed, meaning you’ll still be covered while you take the time you need to fully review your current situation and all the options available to you.

If you're now applying for cover or will be shortly

Many providers now ask some new questions about coronavirus that you’ll need to answer if you’re applying for a new policy.

For example, they’ll now ask:

  • Have you tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and had to self-isolate without any GP or hospital treatment?

  • Have you ever been treated in hospital due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Within the last 30 days have you:

  • experienced any of the following symptoms: a cough, breathing difficulties, a high temperature or fever, or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell; or

  • been diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19); or

  • self-isolated for any other reason, or had contact with someone who's been confirmed or suspected to have Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Like all application questions, it's important to answer these truthfully and honestly, and if you do answer ‘yes’ to any, it just means the provider’s underwriting team will need to look at your application in more detail.

You're always welcome to contact your Adviser if you’d like to discuss anything mentioned above, or please do call us on

01263 510782 or email us at

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